How it works for logistics companies and truck owners

Search Trucks

The logistics company inputs the origin address and desitination address along with the shipping date to ship a load via road. The Transporter tool then searches through its database to find free trucks available at the specific dates for loading based on the search criteria provided.

Filter Trailers

The Transporter tool then lists free trucks by providing priority to the trucks available nearby the origin address so that the load or shipment can be loaded as soon as possible. Now the broker has to filter the trucks based on different trailer types.

Call Truck Owners

Once the trailer type is filtered to match the needs of the logistics company, they can then call the truck owner directly to discuss the specifications of the load or shipment and move the freight as per their agreed terms.

Why should you use The Transporter

Save Time

Logistics firms spends a lot of time in identifiying the availability of trucks. The truck hiring process usually takes several hours to even days. Not to mention the tons of calls that needs to be done to truck owners to understand their availability. The Transporter focusses on helping logistics companies to hire their trucks in just seconds.

Increase Productivity

Logistics companies spend a lot of time in searching for trucks with specified trailer types for a particlar load or shipment that they end up losing valuable productive hours. With lot of productive hours now saved can be put to use for other purposes that helps the company grow even further.

Increase Revenue

With saved time and increased productivity, transport companies can now concentrate their efforts on business development rather than wasting their precious time for searching trucks. This will help the existing team itself to bring in more business business and increase their revenues.