👋 Welcome transporters, it's great to have you here.

While you may have already started using our platform to search and hire trucks in and out of Dubai, we thought it would be great to share on why we wanted to launch this platform in the first place.

Our story goes like this..... 🚚

We had been in the business of land transportation for some time. Our trucking business used to work in the following manner.

Step 1 : We receive enquiries / load orders from our long term clients for shifting loads from one place to another that may need to be completed in maximum a weeks time.

Step 2 : Once enquiry / order is received we scramble through our phonebooks to find the availability of trucks that we already have a good understanding with.

A good understanding with truck owners is very important to ensure the safety, reliability and timely delivery of loads.

Step 3 : We then send as many outsourced trucks as possible so that the requirement can be fulfilled on time.

Not to mention the fact, this kind of logistics model always come with it its own challenges. Some of the major ones are as follows.

  1. Calling each and every truck owner to understand the current availability of the trucks was a very stressful job as our operations team had to make hundreds of calls to source enough trucks.
  2. Most of the times, trucks get load only one way and the return trip was done empty or what we call dead heads / empty back loads.

Being from a tech background we always knew that we could solve most of these. Now that we have found some time, we have decided to take the plunge and build The Transporter to solve these.

The Solution :

Find your trucks here
Find your trucks here
Input the loading point and unloading point with required date on The Transporter website and hit enter,
Live truck Listing page
Live truck Listing page
The list of available trucks along with their contact details and current locations will be readily listed for you in split seconds. Call your truck directly and start transporting your loads.

Happy truck hiring, folks !! 😎😎